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logicaltrue's Journal

㊣ ... (logical) TRUE
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This is logicaltrue, an icon community belonging to reflectives otherwise known as Hina. Fairly new to LiveJournal, Hina has been making icons for a while now. She who used to spend a lot of time role playing, now spends a lot of time iconing. Sometimes just for practice. Her wish is to see people use her icons, and that's all there is to it!
Here you'll most of the time find anime and manga related icons, other times icons in relation to video games. A majority of the icons are fanart or doujinshi related. Sometimes, however, you may find some miscellaneous fashion icons or icons from foreign dramas. Then on the other hand, individuals are also free to request icons from whatever fandom or whatever image for the while that the community is still new.
The rules are actually quite simple and ordinary. Credit is not required but otherwise appreciated, the recognition preferably made to community. Icons are not to be hotlinked and instead saved and uploaded to your own server if used outside of LiveJournal. Textless and textureless icons are not to be edited in any manner without my permission. Finally, please watch the community if you happen to like my taste in eye candy.
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﹙ credits ﹗ ﹚ ۰ `` ﹥ refutare ⊱▪▪▪ ﹙ edited layout ﹚
﹙ credits ﹗ ﹚ ۰ `` ﹥ nutty_musings ⊱▪▪▪ ﹙ edited profile layout ﹚
﹙ credits ﹗ ﹚ ۰ `` ﹥ reflectives ⊱▪▪▪ ﹙ scans used ﹚